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This site is dedicated to Timber, Bear, Oatmeal, Mickey, Dash, Birdie, and the other gentle racing and retired greyhounds past, present, and future


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Why greyhounds?
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Figures on healthy greyhounds euthanized or used for research vary.  Most people agree that many years ago about 30,000 greyhounds met untimely deaths each year simply because they were not fast enough.  That number has been reduced dramatically today thanks to some responsible race dog owners and many adoption group efforts.  Until that number is zero, more loving homes are needed.

This site is a portal to greyhound and other animal rescue information and is also intended to educate those new to greyhounds about the breed.  You'll find links to sites with more in-depth info on the Greyt Links page.

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It also contains information about greyhounds and osteosarcoma, something we wish we hadn't had to learn so much about.

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Whether you want a greyhound or another breed . . .
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If you or someone you know is considering adopting a dog, please consider one of these gentle, beautiful creatures. 

And if a greyhound isn't for you, please adopt a dog in need rather than purchase one from a breeder or pet store. 

Adopt a greyhound . . . make a fast friend . . .

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